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What does Mammogram Security do for you?

You are the client and we provide your expert, radiologist consultant.  Our radiologist has expertise apart and distinct from that which a clinically performing radiologist would provide in the practice of medicine (radiology).

It is that additional expertise that is offered here.  Your Mammogram Security radiologist will provide informed, expert opinions regarding whether your mammogram report had been rendered in technically appropriate fashion or not, and whether it had been within the range of proper that a reasonable, prudent radiologist would, on average, have rendered.

You will be sent a written, summary report and (if you wish) you will receive a telephone call of up to 15 minutes in length.


What does Mammogram Security not do?

When your mammogram (or breast ultrasound) examination images were formally interpreted (creating a professional, medical report), that was a type of medical care that had been provided to you.  You will not receive a professional, medical interpretation or reading of the images of your mammogram(s) nor of your ultrasound exam(s) here.  You are a client of Mammogram Security but not our patient, and we do not provide you with medical/health care or medical advice.  Therefore, we unfortunately cannot accept medical insurance.



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