Mammogram Security


Private, Personal, High-Quality

Second Opinions of Mammogram Reports




"You get what you pay for!"


There are several medical mega-centers that offer second opinions of mammograms.

If that is what you want, you can get their opinion for $ 50–150 or s0.


With Mammogram Security, you get personalized, prompt service, including (if you wish) a phone

call from the Radiologist Professor directly to you, evaluating the report(s) that you had received.


With Mammogram Security, the fee is appropriate to our Radiologist's

high level of subspecialty expertise, integrity and accomplishment.


Payment is made via a secure server by credit card or by Apple Pay.


Click here or the blue checkout button below,

and you will be taken to a page where payment is made via a secure server.



For our international clients:

1) at our end, the fee is charged in U.S. dollars (not Canadian dollars, Euros, etc.)

regardless of your country of residence; yet,

2) at your end, you may make payment by choosing from many different currencies.


Thank you!







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